Game Cloth was created in 2015 during AIR6 at the Textile Arts Center
Game Cloth: Interactive clothing you can play in and on!
Growing up for me has been about maintaining the childlike desire to have fun, get weird, and get physical. Whether throwing my body into that spontaneous cartwheel or giggling until my eyes tear up, I wanted the pieces in Game Cloth to convey the impulsive joy that comes from playing and interacting naturally with the people and environment around you. 

Game Cloth combines my current work with geometric shapes in printed textiles and my longstanding interest in old school paper and pencil games such as pencil wars, dots & squares, and origami football – games that require little beyond the imagination and creativity of its players. This debut collection, entitled “Dots & Squares,” is an interchangeable wardrobe of easy and utilitarian garments that each function as wearable game boards and canvases. Whether you are the wearer, a bystander, or even a passing stranger, these clothes aim to inspire that giddy sense of playtime all the time!